Where can I purchase a Hydrofoiler?

Manta5 sells its products via a growing dealer network. Visit Authorised Resellers to find a retailer near you.

If there is no retailer is in your country/state/region contact the nearest Promoted Dealer. These dealers have proven ability to ship products and provide after sales support across borders.

How much does a Hydrofoiler cost?

Retail price may differ region to region. Prices are available on dealer websites or by application. Transportation and preparation fees may vary based on selection.

Speak to a reseller near you Authorised Resellers

How much is shipping?

Shipping quotes and estimates are provided by Manta5 Authorised Resellers. Transportation and preparation fees may vary based on delivery address.

If no retailer is in your country/state/region contact the nearest Promoted Dealer. These dealers have proven ability to ship products and provide after sales support across borders.

What is the warranty policy?

See the full global warranty here 


Can the bikes handle chop and swell?

Yes, we’re yet to take them down jaws but wave riding, ocean chop, wind chop, swell are all ok.

What happens when I stop moving?

The bike floats upright in the water when stationary. When you stop pedalling, the bike will lower until the chassis is floating on the surface. Riders can stay on the saddle semi-submerged when stationary.

What is the minimum water depth required to foil and launch the Hydrofoiler?

A minimum depth of 3ft (1m) is required to ride the bike. However, to perform the submerged launch would require a minimum water depth of 7ft (2m).

Do I need a licence or registration to ride?

Regulations vary from State to State and Country to Country. Your local reseller may provide information as it comes to hand from various authorities, however it is the responsibility of riders to be aware of and comply with regulations in their specific location. If in doubt, please check with your local harbour authority or an authorised reseller.

What happens if I run out of battery?

When the battery reaches critical levels the battery level on the display will start flashing. If after significant warning the rider continues to ride until the battery is completely drained, the motor will stop working, and the rider will have to self-rescue, either by manually pedalling (in submerged state), or swimming the bike back to shore.

Minimum and maximum rider weight?

The design maximum weight is 100kg (220 pounds). Heavier riders will be able to get foiling, however our factory recommended limit for warranty and other purposes is currently 100kg.

Can Hydrofoilers be ridden in waves?

Riders do so at their own risk. The best ride experiences can be found on the rolling swells out behind a break. Hydrofoilers are heavier than a surfboard or SUP and should never be ridden in the breaking surf zone near other water users (swimmers & surfers).

What kinds of maintenance are required?

Minimal maintence required. Rinse with fresh water after use in salt water. 

Simple scheduled seal replacement during each service. Access for servicing/replacing modules requires minimal hand tools.

Modularity is built into sub-assemblies for more affordable repairs. For example, when a fault occurs the replacement is of the affected module, not the whole assembly​.

For more information see the Owners Manual.

How does the battery handle the heat/cold?

The total ride time (battery life) may differ when operating in extreme ambient temperatures. 

For example, all lithium batteries achieve optimum service life if used at 68ºF (20°C) or slightly below. If, for example, a battery operates at 86ºF (30°C) instead of a more moderate lower room temperature, the cycle life is reduced by ~20 percent.

Can I use it in salt water?

Hydrofoilers are designed for use in salt water, but like most saltwater products should be washed down with fresh water after use.

If I damage my chassis, is it covered under warranty? Where can it be repaired?

The Hydrofoiler chassis can be repaired by your local surfboard or vehicle panel repair specialist. Manta5 Limited Warranty covers damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product only.

What is the learning curve like?

The SL3 is generally considered to be the easiest foiling product on the market. The longer rear wing provides a stable ride when up and foiling and the additional points of contact between the bike and rider assist when launching. If you can ride a bike and swim, you can ride a Hydrofoiler.

What functions are available on the Ride Controller?
  • Firmware updates via Bluetooth
  • Integrated LCD display: Live Battery Level, Assist Level, Throttle position, System Warnings, Rider Power Display, Rider Cadence Display
  • Increase/decrease electrical pedal assist (10 Assist power levels)
  • Torque and cadence-controlled motor power
  • Throttle Override
  • Different Ride modes: Pedal Assist with optional throttle override (Default), Boost (Full throttle, Max Speed
What is the total assembled weight?

SL3 total 38kgs (85pounds)

SL3+ total 40kgs (88pounds)

SL3 Pro total 37kgs (81pounds)

Added modularity to the SL3 has reduced the overall carry weight with the heaviest module being 13.9kg (30pounds)

What is the assembled dimensions?

1.4 m High x 2 m Wide x 2.2 m Long (4.5 ft High, 6.5 ft Wide, 7.2 ft Long)

How do you transport the Hydrofoiler?

The Hydrofoiler SL3 features quick connection parts that breaks the bike into 5 sub-assemblies. Transport in-car and carry each module to the waterside by hand. 

Hydropack Batteries

How do I re-charge my Hydropack?

Remove the Hydropack battery from the bike chassis.

The Hydropack charges using a special charger that plugs into a standard household wall socket, either 220-240V or 110-120V.

How long does it take to re-charge?

Charge Time: Approximately 3 hours for the Hydropack 600 and 5 hours for the Hydropack 1000. Supercharger option coming soon.

Can I take my Hydrofoiler and its Hydropack battery on an aeroplane?

Unfortunately, electric vehicle batteries are not permitted on passenger aircraft. Depending on the route, it may be possible to ship the Hydropack separately on a dedicated cargo plane, via road or sea transport.

How long does a battery charge last?

It depends on how you ride. The Hydropack 1000, and Hydropack 600 offer maximum ride times in excess of 4.5 and 3.5 hours respectively when riding on low levels of electric assist. Choosing to ride using the throttle only in Boosted ride modes it’s possible to deplete the battery in under 1 hour. The more you pedal the longer the battery will last.


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