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Foil biking is the next big category

Manta5 is a sole player in a market with massive untapped potential. In our short commercial history Manta5’s Hydrofoilers have amassed 500+ million views on social media and the product roadmap for foiling water bikes has barely started.

Consider the many categories of cycling on land, and the potential to recreate these categories, across multiple price brackets, on water.

The interest is there. The tipping point towards a worldwide sport in the human power product lines, and a worldwide motorsport via the electric product line just around the corner.

Join us out there. Create a legacy.


Manta5 partner support

As a Manta5 partner, you will benefit from the many outstanding value advantages we offer, including:


  • Smart Manta5 marketing programs to drive interest to your network and build equity in the brand, including comprehensive national and co-op multi-media campaigns, point-of-purchase materials, signage programs, and electronic mail promotions
  • Internationally recognised brands and well-established, best-in-class product lines
  • New products for every season, plus devoted, knowledgeable Manta5 Account managers to help you build a stronger business
  • Business management and staff education
  • Exceptional technical support and training
  • Simple systems & reporting
  • Exclusive Manta5 parts, accessories, and riding accessories
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